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Introducing TANDsoft

TANDsoft is a global provider of innovative HPE NonStop software solutions. The TANDsoft suite of products provides clock and time-zone simulation, application modernization, security and disaster recovery. Customers include banks and financial institutions, healthcare organizations, manufacturing, major technology and insurance providers, electric utilities, and telecommunications companies. TANDsoft is a privately-held corporation located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, with distributors worldwide representing TANDsoft solutions.

Within the NonStop community, TANDsoft is the sole source of time-zone virtualization and clock simulation tools (OPTA2000) for use in consolidated IT environments. We also offer a variety of file replication and synchronization tools (FileSync), the Enscribe-2-SQL Toolkit for easy conversion of Enscribe calls to SQL/MP or SQL/MX statements, the TMF-Audit Toolkit for conversion of non-audited TMF files to TMF-audited files, Command Stream Replicator (CSR) for automatically replicating DDL structure and other environment changes to target systems, Sensitive Data Intercept for seamless sensitive data intercept supporting Enscribe, SQL/MP, and SQL/MX and OPTA with a variety of interception and trace utilities, including Stack Monitor, Process Trace, Recycle Bin, Low Pin Optimizer and EMS Alerts.

TANDsoft is a member of the HPE AllianceOne Program.

TANDsoft History

Jack Di Giacomo has over 30 years of experience in the design, development and support of HPE NonStop software solutions. His early experience included the software architecture of replication-oriented products. As a developer in those formative years of Tandem, Jack recognized the need for additional tools that at the time were unavailable to software professionals. In 1993, Jack started TANDsoft as a means to offer such solutions. Today, as president of TANDsoft Inc., a company specializing in interception technology, he continues to oversee the company’s innovation, marketing, and support of an expanding line of products for the NonStop community.

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