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TANDsoft is proud of its reputation for offering quality, in-depth, and timely support. Our products are easy to use, easy to install, and require little if any application modification. That being said, there are always those unforeseen issues that arise during such activities as configurations, migrations and upgrades. When that happens, count on TANDSoft for the assistance you need.

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When you request support, please gather the following information beforehand: product version, a detailed description of your issue, pertinent saveabend files, log messages, and any other relevant data that will help us during the diagnostic and resolution phases. The more information you provide upfront, the more efficiently we can address your request. If you wish to be contacted by phone and are outside of Canada or the United States, please remember to give us your city and country codes, your time zone, plus the hours during which you will be available.

Free Software Evaluation

TANDsoft’s offer of free 30-day software evaluations is good for you…and good for us as well. It allows us to understand the applications in which our products will be used. A software evaluation with TANDsoft is more than just a download. We commit whatever time it takes to make sure you understand our products’ features, how best to integrate our solutions within your IT environment, and how to install our products correctly. Feedback from our free trials has been overwhelmingly positive, and those evaluators who became customers found that little extra training was required.

Product Training

Product training workshops at your location are available upon request. Please contact TANDsoft or one of our distributors to arrange.

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