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Enscribe-2-SQL Replicator

Online Replication of Enscribe files to SQL tables.

Enscribe-2-SQL Replicator provides real-time or low-latency replication, with NO changes to the applications.

Enscribe-2-SQL Replicator is used to modernize legacy Enscribe files to duplicate SQL databases. For Enscribe to SQL migration, SQL/MP databases can be loaded while the Enscribe files are being updated. SQL queries can be used to access the duplicate SQL/MP database. Enscribe-2-SQL Replicator captures Enscribe "source" file updates and applies these changes to the "target" SQL tables, with no disruption of the "source" Enscribe applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Use SQL queries to access a duplicate Enscribe/SQL data base
  • Available on all HPE NonStop servers
  • No application modifications required
  • Supports major third-party applications
  • Supports NonStop Guardian and OSS
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