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NonStop Clock and Time Zone simulator.

TANDsoft’s OPTA2000™ is a clock and time-zone simulator for HPE NonStop servers – Itanium, S-series, Blades and NonStop X. It allows existing backup, development, and production systems to support worldwide consolidated applications. OPTA2000 eliminates the need to change system clocks in order to test environments that are time-sensitive. It also supports multiple time zones on a single server. No application modifications are required.

OPTA2000 was originally developed to meet the challenges of Y2K. Having to convert two-digit year formats into four-digit year formats and then testing affected applications to make sure they didn’t crash at midnight on January 1, 2000, was a developer’s nightmare a decade ago. Out of that “panic” grew a new industry, one providing clock-simulation tools that provided the ability to change the time and date of an application for testing, development, and maintenance purposes without having to change the system clock. One of those tools was OPTA2000.

Today, OPTA2000 is valued by HPE NonStop customers worldwide for its use in many situations where time-sensitivity becomes an issue in application environments.

Features and Benefits

  • Date and time testing with future time, past time and frozen time
  • Time test critical applications - Pensions, Leap Year, Billing Cycles, Policies, Daylight Saving, Future Dates, End of Month/Quarter/Year Transactions
  • Time-sensitive applications operate with virtual time zones in consolidated data center
  • Applications sitting on a server in one time zone can accurately timestamp local transactions generated outside that time zone
  • Applications run in “user” time, not “system” time, without interrupting normal system operation
  • No need to ever change the system clock. Multiple virtual system clocks on a single NonStop server
  • All Nonstop Guardian and OSS programs, programming languages and data bases (Enscribe, SQL/MP, SQL/MX) are supported
  • Accommodates Daylight Saving Time (DST) transition tables
  • Requires no application source-code modifications, of particular importance when the source code is unavailable
  • Supports in-house, HPE, and major third-party solutions, even those where source code is unavailable
  • Available for NonStop X and all other NonStop servers
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