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TANDsoft is a global provider of innovative HPE NonStop software solutions for use in time virtualization, application modernization, security, and business continuity. Our intercept technology is used by many NonStop customers to enhance legacy application functionality with no program modifications. We also focus on software for automatic file replication and synchronization between production and disaster-recovery systems. Our innovative products are embedded in systems across a broad spectrum of industries. They include the OPTA suite of interception and trace utilities; the OPTA2000 Clock and Time-Zone Simulator; FileSync for system migrations, upgrades, and backups; Enscribe-2-SQL Toolkit; TMF-Audit Toolkit; Command Stream Replicator(CSR) and SDI, a seamless sensitive data intercept API for Enscribe, SQL/MP, and SQL/MX. All our products are easy to install, easy to use, and are backed by exceptional support.

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